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Get Started with MONAT for only $125 !!

The “Starter Kit” is exactly that—the Kit that contains exactly what you need to start your MONAT business immediately. In it, you’ll find a wealth of materials that will help you learn to share the products, the business, and the opportunity to take control of your future. You’ll also begin learning how a Social Selling company fits perfectly into your life, because you can work on your own terms.

You’ll also receive your personal website so that customers can shop with you 24/7. Sign up today, and start earning commissions tomorrow!


  • Training materials
    1. 1. Market Partner Guide to Success
    2. 2. Detailed information about individual MONAT products and Systems
  • Marketing Materials
    1. 1. VIP Customer Brochures to help you introduce the VIP Customer plan and autoship service
    2. 2. Product Brochure with detailed information about the individual MONAT products and Systems
  • Product Samples
    1. 1. REJUVENIQETM Oil Intensive
    2. 2. Individual, Multi-product Samples


Product Packs Were Developed To Build Your Business

Choose from either the Overachiever Product Pack, Success Product Pack, or the Business Product Pack. You have 30 days from the moment you join to select one of these options. Doing it today makes the most sense.

You will want to experience the products yourself so that you become the best possible testimonial for the amazing results MONAT products provide.

With all THREE Product Packs, you have options, but they must be decided upon within your first 30 days as a new Market Partner. This time will allow you to share samples from the Starter Kit, share the Systems with new Customers, and sponsor, in order to offset the higher costs of the Success Product Pack and the Overachiever Product Pack.


The Overachiever Product Pack is designed for new Market Partners that are eager to hit the ground running and take their business to new heights. The products’ retail value in this fully-loaded product pack is $1434 – so you’re getting a massive 46% discount!

You will pay $780 for products that have a retail value of $1434. That is a 46% discount on the retail price! From the moment you receive your pack, you can sell products immediately to Customers, earn Fast Start Bonuses and Rank Advancement Bonuses. As well as sign up VIP Customers and team members of your own putting you in the perfect position to achieve all of your lofty goals.



Success Product Pack offers both an incredible value and a quick way for New Market Partners to earn back their investment.

You will pay $520 for products with a retail value of $900 and that is a 42% discount on the retail price! You can sell products immediately to Customers, earn Fast Start Bonuses and Rank Advancement Bonuses, as well as sign up VIP Customers and team members of your own



The Business Product Pack is a great value that provides a wide range of MONAT products; however, it is not the complete line. The products’ retail value in this product pack is $628— so you’re getting a 38% discount!

As with the Success Product Pack, with the Business Product Pack you can sell products immediately to customers.


Click here to  learn more about the MONAT Compensation Plan – PDF Download


Meet Valerie Atkins Direct to Corporate Founder with Monat Global!


I am excited you stopped in to explore more about the MONAT Opportunity . Let me share with you a little bit about my story ! First of all if you are searching for information about MONAT in Canada you are most likely Canadian like me !! I am actually the first Canadian FOUNDER with MONAT. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island I moved to Texas in my early 20’s as a young nurse looking for work..met my husband the first day I got here and the rest is pretty much history.
I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over 20 years and love the flexibility and freedom owning your own business provides .
I have built TOP organizations with two previous companies and was looking for another source of income when MONAT found me. I am excited to have partnered with MONAT Global prior to the company launch in September 2014 as a Direct to Corporate Market Partner. Our Organization Team Prosperity has quickly risen to be one of the TOP Teams in the Company. We promote a community culture and a spirit of generosity and are driven to help you achieve your goals with MONAT !

We conduct ourselves with integrity, respect and honesty which reflects our core values. Our primary focus is building a foundation that will provide you and your family with a long term sustainable business. Partner with us Team Prosperity and Join the Healthy Hair Revolution !!

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